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【second mortgage lenders 】 Five minutes later, Zhao Jun came in again with his hands behind his back for a re-examination. 。

Although Wang Sanpang and the others didn't have much contact with this Zhu brigade, no one underestimated the captain of the Sirius special warfare brigade.

Therefore, under Zhao Shiyou's strong request, Wang Changlin put this confrontation exercise on the First Army and the Thirty-Third Army.

The key to the safe of the research institute has always been with Cheng Gong. If you want to get the information, you can only do it from Cheng Gong.

Wang Sanpang and the others didn't even leave the monitoring room when they were eating, just because they didn't want to miss this good show.

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"Bah!" Ye Jinlong spat blood on the ground and said coldly: "Chu Shaoyan, what I regret most in my life is that I didn't take the opportunity to kill you on the night when you were ambushed and injured by the people from the Bamboo Association!"
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Feng Baoguo glanced at Chang Lian'an with a half-smile.
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Chen Zhiyuan's assistant changed his face slightly after hearing Chu Shaoyan's words, turned his head and shouted to the policeman, "Let Mr. Chu in."
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Women's resistance to wedding dresses and diamonds is almost zero, even Li Yanan is no exception.
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After thinking for a while, Wang Sanpang finally remembered where he met him.
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"We only have rice and mustard, nothing else."
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In order to make this little devil give up quickly, Li Yanan took out his trump card, which was Wang Guowei's grades.
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