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【65r617 interest free finance 】 The time is gradually approaching noon. 。

Of course, Su Ran didn't use the triple seal either, so it was even.

Qingkong's ability to capture enemies is affected by the power of his claws, but the power of Su Ran's claws is the same as that of his whole body. In Su Ran's hands, Qingkong can exert far more power than low-level second-grade Gu art.

The four masters already understood that after tonight, there would be no more bandits, and there would be no need to hand over their trophies in the next battle.

The fourth-grade spirit Gu and the legendary Gu worm Su Ran was not ready to give up.

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Put the medicine and spirit Gu into the stone pot and cook slowly over a slow fire.
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Compared with Su Ran, Gu masters also have their own unique advantages. Gu worms are a little short, and they can be made up for in quantity.
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Because the violent ape turned his head and aimed at Lei Wang, the three elders of the Eight Great Families were freed, the air around them cleared up, they retreated a few steps, and retreated to the hillside, where they joined the eight chiefs.
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Lei Chun took the knife from Long Hengwu's hand, ready to kill the woman with one blow.
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try again.
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They don't want anything to happen to the Longshan Gang.
they must be free of bias, self- interest, and other distorting influences as possible
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"If it is a Gu controlling person, then this woman can only be the startling star of the mother-child seven-star Gu. Among the love star, angry star, startling star, and happy star, only the startling star is timid, and it just happens to be compatible with this person."
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