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Wang Tian didn't even know what kind of wine he was drinking, he obviously already had the cultivation base of the eighth level of Dao Realm, which was comparable to the existence of the Immortal King in the Immortal Universe, but he was still drunk like mud. ... what home mortgage can i qualify for

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After putting everything back together, he reported all this to the emperor, and the emperor showed surprise as expected. .

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Gouzi wagged his tail and looked at him affectionately with his big eyes. ...

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It was at this moment that the voice of the Goddess suddenly turned cold.

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"Zuo Lizhiye is relatively close to the Boya clan, but it is too far away from the Jinghua clan and the Akakata clan. It is difficult to send live fish, so I have to let you wait for a few days until we process it with salt. , give it to you again."

Yu Fou clenched his fists tightly, and bowed to the old patriarch, "Yu Fou, if you go here, you will not teach those big rats to humiliate the tribe!"

"But that doesn't appear to be the case now."

"I think... In short, taro can't be sold. We haven't planted it ourselves yet. We finally found reserved grain. How can we sell it as soon as we say it... Uh...Secondly ...."

"The Immortal Dao is weak, but the Immortal Dao Universe has unparalleled potential."

In other words, Dangkang does not appear in a fixed place, and both the east and the south have its activity tracks.

"In today's world, Dongyi's Naoxi clan and Chuanlei's clan can only use the electricity of copper and iron to perform thunder magic. The Copper Department and the Er Clan rely on external forces to drive away lightning, which cannot be compared with the Heavenly Thunder Divine Lightning."

Huang Kanshan turned his head and was stunned for a moment. Then he remembered that there seemed to be someone.

Shang secretly groaned in his heart.

"That's right." .

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Five days later, in the southeast, the central and western part of Yanzhize. .

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