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【online pyday loan 】 King Yu Yi originally had the Nine Ranks of Enshrinement, but after the death of Yu Yi King, the Nine Ranks of Enshrining had left. 。

Qiu Ying shook her head and said: "Ming Hao Shangxian, why don't you go back to the king's collar? Su Ran is not stupid, the ground area is destroyed, he is dead, but if he returns to Sucheng, he is not the opponent of Shangxian, he is still dead .

Rank four, Moon Immortal, has entered the category of rank three, and the increase in strength is obvious, so there is no need to save the domain source.

If there is a problem, just go into the mountain of immortality and live his life at ease.

A cold voice floated from the sky: "The invincible domain power is really extraordinary, and it is not wrong for Shangxian Ming Hao to die in your hands."

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"Hmph," Ming Hao said coldly, "From now on, I want no immortals within the Su collar, and all Gu Immortals must leave the Su collar within half a day and be within the Su collar within one day." Disappeared, moreover, this seat needs you to swear that you will never be enshrined in Su Ling. All the slaves of the Marquis who belonged to the Marquis will be executed on the spot. The slaves who have masters will also be taken away from Su within a day. collar.
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Having obtained a new Rank 4 Mountain System Taiya Gu, Su Ran plans to advance to Rank 5 Moon Immortal.
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Thousand weak jade!
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The whole city was shocked.
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Su Ran's requirement for August Gu has always been one of the Twelve Strange Gus.
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"Hey, don't talk nonsense, he has a space Gu worm, so he may not have gone far."
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"Su Ran, damn it!"
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This arrow is unstoppable! Unavoidable!
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