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"You want to change career?" Chu Shaoyan frowned slightly and asked. ... small loan finder

test. what do bankers look for in a business loan application After Cheng Jun got in the car, he immediately dialed Chu Shaoyan's phone number: "Brother Shaoyan, Cheng Junzhi just came over, got a bad nose, and left in a hurry. I think he must go straight to the next place where the drugs are placed now." , are your people ready?" ….

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Chu Shaoyan was helpless, just at this time Wang Hong came over to toast, raised his glass and stood up. .

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"Where?" Shangguan Zetian was startled. ...

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"I'm asking Chu Shaoyan's room number!" The mature woman frowned slightly bushy.

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Lu Zhen smiled secretly, then beckoned the manager of the restaurant standing aside to come over, and whispered instructions in his ear.

"Ah—" Nangong Chengyu jumped up angrily, and went to pick Zhao Yanni's face, but the other party hugged Nangong Mingdao's portrait in front of him.

"I can pass." Liang Wanruo smiled wryly and shook her head, lamenting that this is another infatuated woman caught in a snare; lamenting that the man like a mountain is like a huge snare that has opened up, allowing these stunning beauties to fall into one by one.

"You've changed, you've really changed!" Bai Feiyan exclaimed, she put her arms around his neck, pulled it down lightly, and kissed him deeply, "It's changed. If you used to be, absolutely Will refuse to eat Nuo Xue. I heard from Zetian that the relationship between you and Ye Jinlin and Li Rongrong before was actually quite passive..."

Shangguan Zetian raised his head slightly, then stared at him in the afterglow of the floor lamp, and said in a low voice: "Shaoyan, it's not because of you, Jinlin and Nuo Xue that I can't sleep, but..."

At this time, Chu Shaoyan was leaning on the hospital bed and flipping through the materials on the laptop. Seeing Ye Jinlin quickly close the laptop and sit up, he smiled faintly: "Why are you here again?"

"Wen Zhengming, right?" The coquettish woman said proudly, "Don't you know Secretary-General Zhao of the Municipal Party Committee? He is my cousin, and Deputy Mayor Xu, he is my uncle! Officer Wen, if you fight with me today Liangzi, I'm afraid it will be difficult to understand in the future? Be careful that the tiger skin on your body is peeled off by someone!"

Her heart was making the last resistance, shivering and shivering, but the warm feeling melted the ice piece by bit, revealing her sincerity like a cocoon.

What was even more surprising was that after a while, she felt her eyesight doubled. Under the faint blue light, she could clearly see the moss growing on the stone wall ten meters away!

"In this case, this vote is invalid, and another shareholders' meeting should be held at another date!" Dugu Linfeng stood up and shouted. .

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Send a ray of true energy to the heart of the children to stimulate them, and then the life status of the children can be known. However, six or seven in a row, Chu Shaoyan was disappointed, shook his head and gently handed the child to the back. The two women behind were weeping as they carried the child out. .

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