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【how to get same day loan online 】 Chu Shaoyan was stunned, and smiled lightly: "Mouse, what are your plans for the Hero Club in Wucheng?" 。

The old guy rolled his eyes: "What are you looking at?"

The Goddess of Huading smiled sweetly: "Before you were a poor poor man who went bankrupt on Valentine's Day, you don't want this check now?"

"Linlin!" When she turned around to leave again, the rock man finally couldn't restrain the emotion in his heart and cried out.

"Brother Octopus? Who is he?" Chu Shaoyan narrowed his eyes again.

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Shangguan Zetian stared at her silently, his two pairs of black eyes clearly showed the beauty of each other. She nodded slightly: "Lan Lan, I never doubt your wisdom."
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Goddess Huading thought to herself: I know that something irreversible happened between you and policewoman Ye Jinlin, but I dare not think about it, ask about it, or even listen to your explanation. I'm afraid of losing you, really afraid, Shaoyan, will you leave me one day? Because of her, or because of your dignity...
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The gap between Wu Huijun and these so-called masters actually lies in two words: internal strength! The key to his invincibility is his internal and external training. Of course, his boxing skills are extremely superb, and his external kung fu is also quite good, but the root of his victory in every battle lies in his decades of pure internal training.
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Duan Mulan stuck out the tip of her pink tongue, grabbed Chu Shaoyan's skirt and begged, "I'm sorry, I know I was wrong, brother Shaoyan, please don't be angry?"
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At around two o'clock in the afternoon, the communications department set up a temporary mobile phone station in Yi County, and mobile phone users finally got a signal. Chu Shaoyan started to contact the deputy general manager Lin Zhendong, and learned that the road between Yunzhou and Yi County had been opened, and he is now leading the staff towards Yi County.
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"Nangong Dong, what did you say?" Shangguan Zetian walked back two steps and asked in surprise.
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Are you relieved? There was a wry smile on the corner of Chu Shaoyan's mouth.
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Chu Shaoyan, who had been silent all the time, smiled lightly and said, "Director Ling, we don't need to talk about the price, whether it is the factory price or the product purchase price, because it is impossible for us to reach any balance according to the reserve price given to you by your superiors." point. What we can now talk about is the placement of factory workers and managers.”
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