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Especially with the blood phoenix. ... mortgage in default what does it mean

test. what is my mortgage interest If you want to go to Duantianyuan to seek opportunities, you have to leave the city, and when you leave the city, you have to consider Patriarch Heikui and the Yayoi Gate, and you have to deal with Patriarch Heikui first. ….

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As a young expert in treasure hunting, Su Ran naturally needed to show off his strengths, so he showed off his ability to see twenty miles away. .

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The human control gu is very sure! ...

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During this period, Qin Bone Fairy also entered the wilderness domain and the strange moon domain on his own many times, slaughtering countless wildlings in the moon and moon, and the high-level leaders of the strange moon and the human control Gu did not dare to overthrow his edge.

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"The story of Feixian Cave Mansion has spread, and many forces have already gone to Duantianyuan in advance. According to the news, there are indeed traces of Saint Feixian under Duantianyuan.

Seeing an acquaintance, Su Ran explained the purpose of this place, which was nothing more than seeking Myth Gu and Legendary Gu.

At the same time, Lin Henyou's eyes burst into killing intent, staring at Su Ran.


This inheritance site is in the core area of the two families. Regardless of whether the person who left the inheritance is the predecessor of the two families, this inheritance site belongs to the two families, and outsiders are not allowed to touch it!

Su Ran was lucky, although he couldn't learn the Overlord Body, but there is another village, there are four Gu insects in the combination of Overlord Body, about skin, flesh, and blood!

The cave here is indeed owned by Patriarch Heikui!

"What were you doing just now?"

But Su Ran couldn't be Jue Yue, so how could he resist?

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"A fifth-grade spirit Gu, there should be a chance to get one." .

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