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The strength of each guard in the Guo family convoy is comparable to that of a single iron-backed ape. In addition, the guards are in a neat formation and attack together. Hundreds of iron-backed apes cannot break through, and they are massacred! ... what is considered excellent credit

test. how can you get a loan with bad credit Xia Gan didn't chase after him, his killing intent was not strong at the moment, as if it was impossible for these two people to escape! ….

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"Time doesn't wait! Enter the deepest part quickly! Look for the Nine Heavenly Lotus!" ...

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The old man in the coir hat did not raise his head, his eyes were still fixed on his fishing line, and he spoke softly, as if he was not speaking to Xia Gan, but to the whole world.

A figure quickly appeared in a vibrant forest.

Obviously Luo Wanli was no match for the Demon King, so he fled all the way back and brought the Demon King here at the same time!

"That guy is actually hiding in the Library Pavilion!" Xu Zhan's face was full of ferocious smiles: "He thinks I can't kill him if he hides there and doesn't come out?"

Now he doesn't need to give Tian Jianqing and the Wanjian Daozong disciples any more face!


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