how to calculate maximum loan amount using dscr
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【the actual charge for a settlement service may vary from what is stated on the loan estimate 】 "Not good, very bad!" Zidie stretched out her hand again to pull him onto the swing, resting her small head on his shoulder, and said in a low voice, "Mom still drinks, and every time she says some weird things, saying that Dad drives The colorful clouds came to pick her up, and she can go to reunite with her father. Chu Shaoyan, I...I am very worried!" 。

"Two days... No, it's only one day. I spent a whole day looking for my aunt and nanny..." Liu Xiyao muttered.

Chu Shaoyan was helpless, corrected him a bit, looked at him a few times, and then nodded in satisfaction.

"Why, you don't want to?" Luo Mingdong sneered.

The two drove to Su City almost side by side. Zidie drove the car with one hand and took pictures of Chu Shaoyan with her mobile phone in the other. Many vehicles on the road saw this stunning and enchanting BMW chasing Chu Shaoyan. When Shaoyan took pictures, they all thought she was chasing stars.

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"Young Master Chu?" Han Xiang asked strangely, "Why did you get such a nickname?"
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Chu Shaoyan hesitated slightly: "At least I haven't been betrayed by my brother."
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Unexpectedly, at this time, the little witch screamed "Ah", turned around and rushed out. Unexpectedly, someone came in from the outside, and the two bumped into each other with a bang. When they saw it, they both fell down and kissed the ground fiercely!
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Chu Shaoyan said lightly: "Thank you, goodbye."
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When Jin Shangbang got into the car, the fat man walked over and stuffed two stacks of banknotes into Hu Zhidong's hands. Hu Zhidong was startled, and hastily refused. The fat man said in a low voice: "Secretary Hu, our chief has never disturbed the people. Today is an exception, so let me send the entertainment fee!"
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Fuyang is very close to Hangzhou, just past Zhuantang. Chu Shaoyan's car was indeed driving very fast, so it took half an hour to arrive, and he followed Luo Yun's instructions to take the outer ring. Although the Luo family started with clothing, it has also been involved in real estate in recent years. All businessmen are attracted by the huge profits of real estate. This is the case in the whole Jiangdong, and it is not unique to the Luo family.
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A smug smile flashed in the eyes of the coquettish woman, and she turned slightly sideways. At this moment, a big man in a black T-shirt flashed out from behind her, and kicked him in the chest.
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Luo Mingdong's eyes narrowed: "Boy, what trick do you want to play? Under such circumstances, do I need to bet with you? Your only way out is to surrender to me!"
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