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small business loan for marijuana - max for a small business loan ."Boss Chu, I know that with your current status, there is no shortage of women." Seeing that Chu Shaoyan refused, Lin Zixin bit her lip and continued: "Maybe you don't like my body, but I believe there are still many men I will look at my body, I can still be useful to you, I think my brain is pretty smart, and I should be able to help you!" |.

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Seemingly aware of Chu Shaoyan's change, Starscream smiled and said, "Honey, don't worry, the show has just started." While speaking, she slightly twisted her body, and her whole body was entangled like a snake. on the other side. ...

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Jiang Li gave him a blank stare.

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Seeing this scene, let alone the women, the nearby audience were dumbfounded!

Jiang Li looked through it carefully, and he found that there are guardians in the direction of science and technology, but at most they can only reach the extraordinary level, and no matter how high it is, due to the limitations of technology, materials and other aspects, it is no longer possible to rise.

After finishing speaking, Hong Zhao Wu Yangqing said: "Sister Qing, go and arrange for servants to seal the building! From now on, you can only enter and exit!"

Just one glance at Chu Shaoyan can tell that those guys are not ordinary people, they are all practitioners, and their suits are slightly bulging, it seems that they all have guns hidden inside. Seeing this, Chu Shaoyan frowned slightly.

"Don't tell me, that girl is so beautiful."

Hearing this voice, Ju Yan and Zhuo Lei were taken aback, thinking: "It's this time, what's the use of calling this? Can you break through the rock wall? It's as thick as a city wall! "

Everyone's eyes lit up, they nodded vigorously at the same time, and said again and again: "Yes, yes, yes! It was him who smashed it!"

Seeing Starscream getting angry, Ye Jinlong's heart skipped a beat and he said hastily, "Five million! A total of five million dollars!"

"Damn it, it's no wonder you have to pay the bill first, then drive... Fuck! Don't let me see you again!" Jiang Li cursed, then looked at Changlong beside him.

At the same time, McNa also sent a message from Vincent: "The enemies at the back door have been cleared!" .

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"I'm not talking about you, your luck is not so bad. But you don't have to worry, Baodao Gaoming Doctor Club has a lot of them, so you don't have to go to that Dr. Zhou." Hua Dawei said in a relaxed tone: " As for that kid Chu Shaoyan, don’t worry, I’ll give him some foreplay this time, and I’ll make him cry and beg me in front of me in a short time!” .

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