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【770 credit score mortgage rate 】 "Duantianyuan has no access restrictions, and now the news has spread, because Duantianyuan is in the savage domain, it is a bit dangerous. After the Xiling Pavilion sales season is over, there will be a large number of Gu masters going there together. Some big forces like ours have already At the beginning, a small number of people were sent to explore first, waiting for the inheritance to be confirmed, and more people will go there later. 。

While saving people, there was an eighth-rank human-controlling Gu in the cave of Heikui Patriarch. Su Ran fought against the eighth-rank human-controlling Gu. At first, he lost, but suddenly became angry about the ninth-rank Reverse Blood Phoenix Gu in the cave. The phoenix attacked the eighth-rank human-controlling Gu, and the human-controlling Gu was severely injured, and then sent out a desperate blow to severely injure the ninth-rank Inverse Blood Phoenix. Both the human-controlling Gu and the anti-blood phoenix suffered.

Wang Baiji pondered for a while and said: "The most suitable way is to accept the task of Shadow Guard and accumulate merits in exchange for Gu, but you have not reached the fifth rank yet, so you can't do it for now."

"Fourth rank to fifth rank, if you want to condense the blood pattern of mythical Gu as the carrier, it probably won't work. You are eager to become a shadow guard, and you can't wait. I suggest that after you become a fifth rank Gu master, you should suppress your realm and strive to be in the world." At rank five, collect more Legendary Gu.

The seventh-grade spiritual Gu is too precious, and it is hard to come by. If it weren't for Su Ran's great achievements this time, Wangu Building would never give him the opportunity to change to the seventh-grade spiritual Gu.

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Beiyuan City can have an underground city, and the underground city of Wangu City is naturally more fully developed.
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The main finger eye of the ground manifestation can help Su Ran see through things. When the ground manifestation is opened, he can vaguely see the underground things. Currently, it can only see through about ten meters, and can see through most non-flesh objects.
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These spiritual Gu are still a considerable amount of wealth, and with this wealth alone, it is not a problem for a Gu Master to become a seventh-rank Gu Master.
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This is just Su Ran's assumption. How the rats were poisoned is still open to discussion, but it is probably correct.
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