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"In addition to marking, add kissing." .

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"Eh, why is he the only one who has good soup, but we don't? Zetian, I don't agree with one!" The nervous girl laughed.

The fact that the Little Knife Society was silently destroyed overnight shocked the local associations in Jiangcheng, and the two deputy directors, Cheng Junzhi and Ren Simao, were furious when they failed to get what they needed. Pulling out Chu Shaoyan's thorn in the side has become the top priority of the Hong Lianshe, but it has not been achieved at both ends of the Baidao and the association.

Guan Shu put his hand on the armrest by his side and grabbed it tightly, never taking his eyes off Shen Yao.

The card that Shen Yao always wanted, he slowly leaned back on the chair. At the same moment, he saw Borui's raised eyebrows.

In the blink of an eye, blood was still dripping from his palm, but he impulsively wanted to reach out again to grab the shards of glass on the ground.


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'Tiger Special Forces'? Chu Shaoyan was slightly stunned. The matter about the Tiger Special Forces was only half a year ago. This title seems to have passed away, and he has also been reduced from a righteous law enforcer to a predator in a gray area. .

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