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"There are a lot of Yayoi people!" ... what is the interest rate on a car title loan

test. how can i get a loan with really bad credit Now, there is no need to worry about the synergistic Gu worms like the Frightening Gu worm killing him instantly. ….

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Not eating or drinking for ten days is not a big problem for Su Ran, but a little uncomfortable. .

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Su Ran was lost in thought. ...

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Bending his fingers, a wisp of poisonous black energy surrounded his fingers.

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Then use the power of Changlin's two ninth-rank Gu masters to surround and kill them!

Ninth-Rank Domineering Gu, is not Mythical Gu, it is a mutated Legendary Gu worm cultivated by Immortal Saint Fei himself. It has two abilities, one is to generate domineering energy, and the other is to use domineering energy as a defense.

Qu Jinghong?

With a sullen face, Chang Qingzi also unfolded his Immortal Domain Technique. Su Ran felt that he was a little more restrained, but he activated Jiuyue Jiyu again, mobilized some domain power to increase speed, and he was safe as before.


"Don't dare." Patriarch Heishan returned the Overlord's Halberd.

Slashing the sky within ten seconds?

"Boy, what dean of yours was not killed by us. You just became an immortal, and you can't control the sword qi. Moreover, the Gu tools you use can't withstand the sword qi, and the sword qi escapes. The dean is too close to you." , was pierced by the sword energy and died!"

Zhongyuzhou has already entered the roster of the princes of the Beigong Houfu. The ownership of Zhongyuzhou cannot be changed. At most, the second son will trouble Su Ran, but this is Su Ran's personal matter.

In the last ten seconds, Patriarch Heikui was also blown away. .

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Sure enough, he is worthy of being the No. 1 pride in the Central Territory! .

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