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【mortgage interest deduction limit 】 The thick smoke was invisible, and after being dispersed, it condensed immediately, and continued to dive towards Su Nian. Su Nian's intact robe had several wounds emitting black gas, and his neck was also scratched by sharp claws. There were several bloodstains. 。

"You actually left your teacher to find me for dinner?"

Liao Qingbo was in his early fifties, with a resolute face, the kind of policeman who wanted to explain something to him as soon as he saw each other;

At this moment, Qin Mo turned around, raised his hand and put the quilt on his body, his eyes fell on Song Jing's body, and after a moment of scrutiny, he slightly curled the corners of his lips with a bit of carelessness;

Even if the matter is urgent, Dabao has always been considerate in etiquette. Kunlun Jun couldn't help but feel relieved, and looked at Dabao with a smile. Right now, the three apprentices are the most worry-free.

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The two hugged each other for a long time, until Mo Lingxiao reminded Su Nian that there was something important to do, Su Nian reluctantly let go of Mo Lingxiao, ready to continue looking for Fengmingmu.
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"Well, thank you, Master."
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The public security agency has already stated that Qin's press conference is imminent. Song Jing is worried. When Qin Mo summoned the fat man from the public relations department, he came over from the office. Gao Hu's gaze was between Song Jing and their family, Mr. Qin. He glanced around, then sat upright like a mountain without moving his brows and eyes.
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He raised the wine glass in front of Qin Mo;
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"Mr. Song, don't you think you are soft-hearted towards Qin Mo?"
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Qin Mo hardly even had the strength to raise his hand, and he half-closed his eyes to calm his breath.
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As the tone rose, at the same time, the one under him who was not paying attention became serious. Qin Mo felt a pain in his waist, so he stretched out his hand and slapped the hand of the person who was pressing his lower back;
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"Master will know when he arrives in a while."
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