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【how to find out how much someone owes on their mortgage 】 "Where is your home? I'll send someone to pick them up right away. Your home is no longer safe." Chu Shaoyan took out his mobile phone and asked. After getting the answer, Chu Shaoyan immediately ordered the elite troops of the Golden Dragon Gang to dispatch and quickly went to Xu's house to pick them up. people. 。

In the past five years, the total economic volume of Xindong Town has not increased, but the bathing city, entertainment city, underground casinos, discotheques, bars, these places that accommodate pornography, gambling and drugs have increased by as much as ten times!

Deputy Mayor Xu nodded and said, "Okay, then you should write down the situation clearly and hand it over."

Chu Shaoyan held his hand and said sincerely: "No, we are brothers, and there is no question of who will be entrusted with our lives. It is your happiness, brother, I am responsible for finding it for you!"

Chu Shaoyan smiled faintly, nodded and said: "In this case, we should respect it rather than obey orders! Chief, you have such deep affection for the old district, it's good to stay a little longer!"

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Duan Mulan smiled triumphantly: "It's very simple, find out the real father of the child in Zhao Yanni's belly!"
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"Okay, let's go now!" Mayor Zhang didn't hesitate, and led everyone to the gas station first. However, at the gas station, everyone encountered a problem: money.
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"Is the phone turned off?" The cunning Duan Mulan took out her pink phone and looked, "Hey, it's out of battery. Brother, did you call me just now?"
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Guan Fu's nose couldn't help being sore, and he burst into tears. His wife passed away in middle age, and he brought up his daughter through all kinds of hardships. Father and daughter depend on each other for life, and he holds her daughter in the palm of his hand.
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After entering the demolition office, several persons in charge of the demolition office greeted them. Su Dong, the director of the Changning District Government Office and the deputy commander of the demolition project, said with apologetic face, "I'm really sorry, Mr. Shangguan, for even laboring for you to come here!"
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Suddenly, her eyes went dark, and her body collapsed immediately!
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Liu Danyan nodded silently, and sighed slightly: "Cheng Yu's mental state is not very good recently. She has to take care of her mother at night and take care of the affairs of the entire group during the day. Nantai's spirit has almost completely collapsed. She looks more than ten years old. Even the white hair has grown!"
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Chu Shaoyan guessed it right. Not long after the coquettish female boss Lu Liyun was brought to the Jiangcheng Public Security Bureau, many big shots came to care about this matter.
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