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"Guard master!" Kui Ying yelled when she saw that Su Ran had been tricked. ... interest free loans rice farmers philippines

test. apply for rv loan online However, the sudden attack of consciousness caused Xin Shu's brain to sting, interrupting his sword swing, and with only his body's defensive Gu tools, he forcibly resisted the cone-shaped airflow of hundreds of tigers' strength. ….

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Su Ran didn't reply, but only took a long breath. ...

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Fourth Grade Spirit Gu!

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Not long after Su Ran left, Long Hengwu took Lei Chun with the three masters and several big guards and appeared at the place where Jing Xing died.

After Immortal Gu left, Su Ran came to the cave of Minggu Mountain.

There are a lot of Gu worms in the library.

After all, the highlight of the game is the fourth-grade spirit Gu.

If not, Su Ran could only go back to Beiyuan City and ask Wang Qinshu.

"No two, see off the guests."

Although Qiao Yuan placed the bet on his behalf, it couldn't escape Qiao Yan's eyes.

The consciousness of the spirit mask disappeared.

"I don't want to reveal my identity for now, I need to think about it."

Qiao Yan, the dignified second son of the Qiao family, was holding Mrs. Qiao's hand and said coquettishly, "Mother, I am short of a second-grade explosion Gu, can you lend me an explosion Gu, and return it to mother tomorrow night." .

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Taking a breath, Wang Qinshu continued: "Beiyuan City is too small, Mr. Su wants to develop, so he has to go to Zhongyu." .

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