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【direct online loans for bad credit 】 The coquettish woman sneered and said, "Are you still arrogant by this time?" 。

For this guy on the wall, Tong Xi is stepping up his efforts to win him over. As long as he is pulled in, Tong Xi will be completely invincible in the Standing Committee, then the life of acting secretary Xiao Zhengnan will definitely be very difficult in the future!

Chu Shaoyan waved to Zidie, and the two bent down and moved towards each other quickly and lightly.

Da Zhuang's face changed drastically, just at this time the two-way encirclement had formed, he winked at Er Mao, Huang Pi, and Hippo, three fighters, and then the four of them rushed over together!

On the way out of the family compound of the Provincial Party Committee, Chu Shaoyan received a call from Song Yingjie: "Captain Chu, the matter has been settled. The little brother and sister Zidie you sent over helped a lot."

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The other party's fragrant breath stimulated the man's evil fire, his body was hot and he didn't want to show it in front of her, so his body kept bowing and moving backwards. Luo Yun was dissatisfied, so he pulled him forward forcefully, and even hummed his dissatisfaction softly with the nostrils carved out of white jade.
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Of course, the mayor Xiao Zhengnan is an upright person, and he has defended the interests of Huading Group a lot in the past, and everyone in the Xiao family has always had a harmonious relationship with Huading Group. Chu Shaoyan's return to him was nothing more than reciprocation.
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Zhao Zhaoping sat down angrily, especially when he saw the corners of Xu Yuanpei's mouth curled up triumphantly, he groaned angrily and turned his head away.
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"Brother, I...I miss you so much! Woohoo!"
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About ten minutes later, Jiang Zhengfeng made a solemn move on the chess game. No supplement. It didn't break, but stabbed beside Heizi. As soon as this child fell, everyone couldn't help but "oh".
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Fatty's heart skipped a beat, remembering the warning from the owner of the disco just now. Quickly took out the phone, and quickly sent two words to Chu Shaoyan, "urgent". This guy has recently been in an online relationship, and has been texting with a basketball MM for a long time, so he is proficient in texting.
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As the former Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee, the current member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Suzhou City Party Committee, Luo Qingquan is also considered a powerful minister in Jiangbei Province. Sucheng is an important economic center in Jiangbei, and its total GDP is in the forefront of Jiangbei. The economic strength of its districts and counties is not trivial. Kunzhou, Wujiang, and Taicang are all well-known in East China. Although it is only a prefecture-level city, it actually enjoys the sub-province status in Jiangbei level treatment.
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It was an extremely majestic figure. He was prostrate on the ground, skillfully welding steel bars with a welding torch. However, when he heard Chu Shaoyan's voice just now, the back trembled violently, and the welding torch even touched a place next to him that didn't need to be welded.
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