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test. why get a share secured loan These four people are the four great deacons of Yayoi Sect, Patriarch Heikui, Patriarch Mitian, Patriarch Zhetian, Patriarch Biri, all are rank nine Gu Masters. ….

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Everyone in the Yayoi sect flew straight to Xiaogushan at maximum speed.

Play the second strongest note again.

Su Ran was in a daze, did she have a purpose?

To become Li Yang, no belief is needed.

Su Ran didn't stop to catch Gu, he was too close to the magma area, at least he had to fly to a relatively safe position first.

Fingers crossed.

This is domain power consumption!

Walked slowly down for half an hour, did not encounter any danger on the way, and did not encounter any Gu worms.

This is the Gu world!

However, no matter how good the fighting turntable is, without the Tianzhu chess pieces, it is just a waste. If I can get the Tianzhu chess pieces from the Bone Tomb this time, then no matter which faction gets the fighting turntable, I will have the capital to sit on the negotiating table! " .

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