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Coupled with Ling Heng's arrangement, the news seemed to have grown wings, and spread quickly. ... how to manage credit cards

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"Boy, don't be shameless. It doesn't matter if you don't agree. Then, don't blame us for falling out!" ...

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The look of the whole person is also completely different from before.

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The bullet flew away and went straight to Ling Heng's head.

When the punch comes, tap the opponent's wrist lightly.

"see a visitor out."

Arrived at Yunhai Bank in 15 minutes, Mr. Ling wants to see him?

Zhong Tian snorted coldly: "Our bank has its own rules, if you don't let her take it, you won't let her take it, what do you care about?"

Originally, I hoped that the Fang family's Shadow Squad could get rid of Ling Heng.

pig-killing scream came from Fangzheng Xiong's mouth.

When Lai Sheng heard this word, his heart skipped a beat, and he glanced at Ling Heng in astonishment.


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Zuo Qiu withdrew his foot, and coldly threw a word to Bai Zhi. .

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