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Moving More, Farther For Less

4/1/2015, Home, Henry Albert, Comments (0)
The mobility of humans and our products / goods has evolved over the last one hundred and fifty years. Now the limits of what is possible have been pushed farther than ever before !!!

63 Tickets for the Big Crash

3/31/2015, Home, Jeff Clark, Comments (1)
When winter weather hits, our best decision may be to get off the road. Without enough emergency truck parking can we? This crash series included 193 vehicles. One professional driver died. How can...

Distracted Driving is a Huge Problem

3/30/2015, Home, Joey Slaughter, Comments (1)
Distracted driving in the trucking industry may be worse than it is for our four wheeler friends.


In the trucking industry, drivers and maintenance employees are the quarterbacks and more

FUEL Smart

For decades the only option available for the trucker was a diesel fueled truck. more


If you adopted or tried to adopt a child in 2014, you may qualify for a tax credit. If more


Linda Caffee, Freightliner Team Run Smart Pro, and Tom Kyrk, founder and chief blogger more

LIVE Smart

If you’ve ever taken one of your kids with you on the road, you know how their faces light up when they hear about your plans. Whether or not you more


Now that we are a couple of months into the new year, it’s time to look deeper into the year more

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