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History Lessons

9/2/2014, Home, Jeff Clark, Comments (4)
We can't change history. We can learn from it.

So you want to be a tanker yanker?

9/1/2014, Home, Joey Slaughter, Comments (5)
Have you ever thought of switching over from pulling a dry van to something a little more challenging? It could pay over $10,000 a year more!

That Really “Chaps” My Hide!

8/31/2014, Home, Jimmy Nevarez, Comments (5)
Several handy, yet uncommon, uses for a tube of lip moisturizer!


As traffic volume grows faster than the size of our roads, we need to become increasingly mindful of our surroundings. Here are the top 7 causes more

FUEL Smart

Team Run Smart members are invited to join the Fuel Discount Program providing savings of 0.06 cents per gallon of fuel. With this program, members can more


Because owner-operators are responsible for calculating and paying their own tax, they are also responsible for deducting expenses. Here are some more


PTSD can occur in many different ways - whether being caused by war, a car wreck, domestic violence, a near-fatal illness, abuse, or a natural disaster. Here we more

LIVE Smart

Your money is important to you and your business, therefore it’s vital to do your homework and find the right person to help you manage your money. more


It is important this time of year to be reminded about the dangers of leaving your pet in a parked truck. Here are some of the dangers that could come more

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