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You Can't Steer a Parked Truck!

5/29/2015, Home, Joey Slaughter, Comments (2)
Don't wait until you have everything figured out 100% or you'll never make the change you need to make.

Open Your Ears!

5/28/2015, Home, Jimmy Nevarez, Comments (3)
I could have sworn it was illegal to wear earphones in both ears while driving?

Hover Craft

5/27/2015, Home, Linda Caffee, Comments (7)
Flirt Skirts and Trailer Tail Our expediter truck is basically complete and now we start the tweaking.


The new MICHELIN® TIRE CARE™ service program is a fully digital, nationwide fleet tire monitoring program to assist more

FUEL Smart

For decades the only option available for the trucker was a diesel fueled truck. more


Your taxes have been filed and you might even have a return on its way. That is when you realize more


Some people have a misconception of dieting and exercise, automatically thinking they have to more

LIVE Smart

Traveling with a furry companion can make any trip better and more rewarding. more


Most of the time you will want to book trips that are short enough to complete in one more

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