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Maiden Voyage

7/5/2015, Home, Henry Albert, Comments (0)
Pushing the limits out even farther.

Independence is Earned

7/4/2015, Home, Jeff Clark, Comments (7)
We owe the signers of the Declaration of Independence. We owe the soldiers who fought for freedom. They gave us the opportunity to earn independence.

Celebrate the Fourth with a 5k

7/4/2015, Home, Jeff Clark, Comments (0)
This year start the fourth out with a 5k. It is a great way to represent the industry in a positive manner while getting a little exercise in.


Owner-operators often report higher revenues, better performance, and greater compliance by more

FUEL Smart

For decades the only option available for the trucker was a diesel fueled truck. more


Day camps are common during the summer months. Many parents pay for them for more


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LIVE Smart

Queasiness in a vehicle is not just a human problem. Dogs and puppies do sometimes experience more


Every call you make about a load is a potential negotiation. Knowing what brokers love and hate goes more

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