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No Mac & Cheese for ME

10/23/2016, Home, Linda Caffee, Comments (2)
Macaroni and Cheese is something I REALLY like and I have finally found a substitute that keeps the craving away. Hard to believe but it involves the wonder vegetable cauliflower. This is a comf...

Positive Power

10/22/2016, Home, Henry Albert, Comments (0)
Keep your chin up and keep looking forward .


10/21/2016, Home, Jeff Clark, Comments (3)
There is a need to educate shippers and consignees that over the road drivers time has value. There is also a challenge to convince local drivers and spotters the same thing.


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FUEL Smart

Truckers and fleet managers can use new technologies to help them increase truck more

BUSINESS Smart is a cost tracking tool that lets you track your expenses on your phone or tablet.


Getting the most out of the 34-hour reset.

LIVE Smart

Do you trust the car driving next to you? Probably not as much as the other trucks on the road.


Although improper driving causes many accidents that happen today, the more

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