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The Rotary Phone

6/29/2016, Home, Henry Albert, Comments (1)
Using a telegraph machine was a skill ... high speed rotary dialing was a art form ... cordless phones extended freedom from a cord ... cell phones extended that freedom ... smart phones brought a ...

Pole Method

6/28/2016, Home, Jeff Clark, Comments (2)
The pole method is an easy to use run/walk or brisk/slow walk method to build endurance.

How About an Aerodynamic Truck Show?

6/27/2016, Home, Joey Slaughter, Comments (6)
Will we continue to celebrate 1970's and 1980's technology and styling?


When summer rolls around, a new set of safety, maintenance and driving challenges more

FUEL Smart

If you are thinking about transitioning to a CNG truck here are six tips for you more


Despite our best intentions to be responsible adults with a budget, there is one thing we are more


I am a truck driver. I belong to a profession that is not known for the fitness of the people who stay in more

LIVE Smart

The Women In Trucking Association is teaming up with Feeding America to help address more


As a truck driver you work long hours. You could be on the road for weeks at a time. more

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