If you become a Team Run Smart Pro driver you will be awarded the keys to a new Freightliner Cascadia heavy duty Class 8 tractor to use for two years as part of the program. So what benefits would you receive from being a Pro and getting to use a Cascadia for two years? Let’s walk through all of the benefits including the credibility you will gain in the industry from being a Team Run Smart Pro, the savings you will receive from driving a Cascadia, and the health benefits from riding an ergonomic truck.

Becoming a Team Run Smart Pro is a way to build your credibility and influence as a professional driver. You will be seen as a leader in the industry and post weekly blogs on Team Run Smart. You will attend tradeshows and share your business tips and expertise to fellow drivers. Team Run Smart Pros also meet with Freightliner engineers and give input into the latest technologies and advancements. If you are in the trucking industry for the long haul, you do not want to pass up the chance to Become a Pro.

One of our current Pro Blogs from Henry Albert. 

Receiving a Freightliner Cascadia to use for the duration of the program is a benefit all of the Pros will enjoy. The main trait of new Cascadia Evolution is its increased fuel efficiency and the improved aerodynamics. The tractor is equipped with Detroit diesel engines and thanks to a few significant aerodynamic improvements and engine tweaks, it offers up to 5 percent improvement in fuel economy compared to the 2013 Cascadia.  Driving the Cascadia Evolution as a Team Run Smart Pro will maximize your bottom line with unprecedented fuel efficiency.

  • Aerodynamics. The Cascadia was already one of the most aerodynamic trucks in the market and the new Cascadia Evolution received several frontal modifications to make it even more slippery. Designed to improve airflow and aerodynamics, the tractor includes a new air dam, bumper closure and a hood-to-bumper fill. There are improved windshield seals, elliptical-shaped aerodynamic mirrors and an integrated antenna. Additionally there are also wheel covers on the rear tandem axles, aerodynamic chassis side fairings and 20-inch side extenders to further help the truck to score a lower drag coefficient. 
  • Cruise System: The new Cascadia Evolution will be equipped with the Run Smart Predictive Cruise system. This innovative technology evaluates the road profile more than one mile in advance, determines the most efficient vehicle speed, and then adjusts the actual speed of the truck for maximum fuel efficiency. This is a sophisticated version of what drivers have referred to for years as "The Georgia Overdrive." The new transmission works as a controlled "Georgia Overdrive." Therefore, it will never allow you to coast beyond a safe speed. The driver sets the controls to a speed above their chosen cruise speed. The transmission reengages the engine and if necessary; turns on the compression brake to maintain a safe and comfortable speed. All this action takes place very smoothly and practically unnoticeably. 

Becoming a Team Run Smart Pro means you do not have to lease a truck either, and could have no truck payment. You will be driving a new truck so maintenance costs will be at a minimum.
Another benefit to driving the Cascadia Evolution is it will be great for your health and posture. Ergonomics are very important to a driver who is on the road more than 100,000 miles a year. This truck was built with the driver in mind and has a lot of great features that are better for your health.

  • Ergonomics: The interior has a convenient wraparound dashboard design, fitted with easy to reach controls. The instrument cluster gauges are fairly big and the screen won’t catch any disturbing sun reflections. The seats are bigger than usual which puts them in the first class when it comes to comfort. They also come with a proper support and plenty of useful adjustments. The truck has a two-way adjustable steering wheel that comes with convenient controls for cruise; marker lights and engine brake enhance the good driving position.

If you think you would like to help other drivers in the community become successful, save money driving a truck with unprecedented fuel efficiency and that is better for your health, apply to Become a Team Run Smart Pro! The application process is easy and can be completed online, click here to apply today!

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Casey Barlow

Casey started at ATBS in January during the 2012 tax season in the Client Accounting department reconciling clients Schedule C's for their tax returns. After the tax season he was hired on as a Business Consultant. He works with various clients at many different carriers to improve their business profitability and aid them through the tax return process. Prior to ATBS, Casey ran his own yard aeration business through high school, college and still today. He graduated from University of Northern Colorado's business school, Monfort College of Business in the fall of 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Administration.

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Freightliner is to be commended for this program. It's a wonderful opportunity for drivers and Freightliner both. Not to mention the info that will be shared so that others can learn.

November 12, 2012 15:48:22 PM

I think about this program on a daily basis and how great an opportunity it is to share knowledge and learn at the same time. And Freightliner you deserve a big thank you from the Trucking Industry including the Owner Operators out here to promote better driving habits and fuel economy.

November 08, 2012 11:11:37 AM

I would be honored to take part in this program... My old Columbia would probably appreciate a rest LOL. I have a feeling however, that after running a new Cascadia it would be hard to go back to my Columbia.

November 02, 2012 17:19:48 PM

I think this would be such an honor to be able to tell someone how great the new technology is and how much better the fuel mileage is and to pass on some knowledge about being an owner operator and how to maintain a truck and save money.

October 29, 2012 17:51:50 PM

My app is in and hope I can help out.

October 28, 2012 7:28:08 AM