What do clocks, odometers, and scales have in common? They are measuring devices.

Just recently I saw a reference that an ELD is nothing different then a clock or time clock. Our trucks for years have been equipped with odometers and odometers do nothing more than record how far the vehicle has traveled. In addition to this since miles have such value to even further analyze the number there is a further breakdown in the odometer, a trip as well as leg built into the dash cluster. This makes miles seem to have a pretty big importance. Miles are so important that when talking to another driver the typical question is “how much do you make per mile?” In our industry miles hold a very important place of prominence in regards to our compensation.

There is another segment of the transportation industry where weight determines the compensation level not the miles. Because of weight being such an important factor there are state scales to make sure we can comply with state and federal weight regulations. In addition to that there are scales at shippers and/or receivers or truck stops to verify our weights are in compliance. Once again weight is an important factor in the transportation industry in regards to our compensation.

This brings us back to the ELD being nothing more than a clock/time clock. The statement of the ELD being a time clock directly affects our income level as drivers and/or company owners. The closest you ever hear of a driver referring to their wages on a time-based answer is how much they make per week. When asking about compensation and time a local driver might be paid hourly, and someone that is sitting at a dock receiving detention, also measured by a clock.

What I often hear is drivers complaining about their time being wasted and yet the prevailing attitude is that they do not want the ELD to have their time measured.

With the up-coming ELD mandate, could time become a major factor of prominence alongside miles and tonnage in regards to compensation. Will the new question become after the ELD mandate “How much do you make per hour?”




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Henry Albert

Henry Albert is the owner of Albert Transport, Inc., based in Statesville, NC. Before participating in the "Slice of Life" program, Albert drove a 2001 Freightliner Century Class S/T™, and will use his Cascadia for general freight and a dry van trailer. Albert, who has been a trucker since 1983, was recognized by Overdrive as its 2007 Trucker of the Year.

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