No matter whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other December holidays, one certain thing is that this is the season of giving.  Aside from the roots of the different holidays, most of them include an exchange of gifts to those we are thankful for.  The same holds true this time of year in the business world. One thing I have always made it a point to do for my celebration of Christmas is to include those I do business with on a frequent basis in my exchange of gifts to those I am thankful for!


Although it has differed from year-to-year in what I have given, the list pretty much stays the same, now that I deal with a lot of the same people all the time.  Everyone from my bookkeeper to my top brokers get included into my “Nice List” each year, with a special batch of goodies sent out to the top 3 brokerage teams who have provided loads to me each year.  Although not something I hang over their heads as an incentive in any way, this internally tracked figure and reward is my way of saying thanks to those that go above and beyond to provide work for me and my company all year long.  Not to be forgotten of course, are the backbone of any trucking company, the drivers!  Gift cards or added pay can usually be had to show my appreciation for their hard work and dedication all year long.  I remember in all my years as a leased owner-operator, the sense of thanks I felt when whomever I was leased onto remembered us around the holidays, so my goal is to do the same!


So when you’re out planning your holiday gifts during this season of giving, remember to get a little something extra for those around your business dealings.  Whether it’s a gift basket to a special brokerage, spa gift cards for your bookkeeper, or some candy bars to hand out to warehouses you may frequent, a little bit of thought goes a long way in them remembering you later. The size of the gift is not what makes them think of you later on, so much as the thought that you were one of the few that remembered their hard work for you!


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