When beginning my trucking business years ago, I determined that my work apparel/uniform would be neutral.

In business, it’s very important when working with customers and employees to dress in a professional manner. My reasons for playing it “neutral” stem from the fact that we all know negatives come our way whether we want them or not. It’s my practice to review what I’m planning on wearing as to not offend anyone. You may have the best of intentions by wearing your favorite ball cap, t-shirt or jacket; however someone else may take a dislike to your attire. You don’t want that person to be your customer, employee the public or law enforcement.

On my personal time or weekends, I feel it’s appropriate to wear my favorite teams on my clothing. While at work, however I feel it’s a very different story all together. My goal is to attain business relationships with those around me and if I wear something which offends him/her, I may not like the outcome. My items of things I won’t wear include apparel with logos, brands, sport teams, offensive statements etc… some people are extremely serious about their sports teams and I wouldn’t want to aggravate someone or ruin the day by presenting a different view. I try to put myself in my customers “shoes” and what my reaction would be if they showed up at my place of business displaying an opposing team or political statement. What if it would offend my wife, child or someone in my office?

If you ask yourself some of these questions, you can see how your dressing may impact you or someone else. I always dress professionally as I wouldn’t want to plant any seeds of negativity unnecessarily.


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