Alex Debogorski is like a lot of other ice road truckers that operate in the frozen north; tough, strong, resourceful, independent, etc.  But his story has gotten international attention due to his recurring role on Ice Road Truckers (IRT).  At it's peak, IRT was the #1 reality show on television and still does very well today.  The show allowed the general public to appreciate the dangers that truck drivers go through who operate on the frozen oceans, lakes and roads in the northernmost parts of our planet, transporting oilfield supplies and life sustaining freight.

Alex is a husband (married to Louise for 40 years), father of 11 and grandfather of 13. He is a devout Catholic with Christ at the center of his life. Because of a close call, Alex leads a much healthier lifestyle than most people his age. He eats healthy, exercises as much as possible and works with a naturopath, all according to his website.  I noticed this firsthand when I met him at the Mid America Truck Show last week.  Alex had slimmed down quite a bit and looked more like an athlete than an ice road trucker.

Alex told me that he still owned an old Freightliner FLD and loved it.  It was great listening to his experiences and hearing his signature laugh that everyone who has watched IRT knows what I'm talking about!  His schedule is very busy as he's in high demand for truck show appearances and other events all over the world.  You can check out his website by following this link.

Alex and IRT have done more to promote our industry to the general public than almost anything I can think of.  Alex and some of the others display the hard work and professionalism, all while operating in extreme conditions that most of us could never imagine.


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Joey Slaughter

Joey Slaughter is the owner of Blue Ridge Transport, LLC. Joey has been in the trucking industry since 1992.

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He does look like he lost a lot of weight-good for him.

April 06, 2014 4:33:25 AM

He has lost a lot of weight since then Linda as he had a heart scare about a year ago. He looked great!

April 05, 2014 9:57:31 AM

Me too Lorence!

April 05, 2014 9:55:57 AM

I was able to meet Alex several years ago at GATS and he dwarfed me... I was amazed when he gave me a hug I thought I had disappeared. He is bigger then life and one heck of a nice guy!

April 05, 2014 9:26:40 AM

Ice Road Truckers is my favorite show!

April 04, 2014 16:31:08 PM