Truck drivers are known to have unhealthy lifestyles. The long hours sitting behind the wheel can take a toll on your body. While many drivers use the flimsy excuse of “not having the time” to eat better or get exercise, many more drivers are proving them wrong.

It’s becoming more and more common to see drivers walking, jogging, or running to get exercise. Still, others can be found doing exercises near their trucks. From jumping rope, lifting weights, bicycling (stationary or on the road) to push-ups, or just stretching. Solo drivers really have no excuse for lack of exercise. Every day on the road, you have a mandatory 10-hour break, whether all at once or using the 8/2 sleeper berth split, you get 10 hours each day to include a little exercise in your daily routine. Make it happen.

Eating the right foods can also have a big impact on your health. Strict diets can be very hard to adhere to, which may be why so many fail them. Moderation and good choices will generally serve you better than a strict regimented diet. When it comes to food choices, many drivers opt for fast food, yet if you consider the content of the food, is it really worth the trade-off to get it faster rather than healthier?

Healthy meals that taste great can be prepared right in your truck with minimal effort and in just a few minutes. If you have a fridge and microwave, you already have the basics. Many healthy meals can be made in just a microwave. If you have an inverter, you can get an air fryer, electric skillet or indoor grill for just a few dollars. They will fit in a small space, are easy to use and easy to clean. Simple healthy recipes can be found all over the internet.

You can prepare your own healthy meals right in your truck and then afterward, step outside and exercise by going for a walk or using weights and resistance bands that will fit just about anywhere in the truck and can be used anytime right in your sleeper area. Even if the weather is hot, cold, raining, or snowing, you can still get some exercise from the comfort of your truck.

Watching TV seems to be the trucker’s pastime, and there is nothing wrong with that unless your health is suffering from too much bad food and little to no exercise. If you have time to watch TV during your breaks, you have time to prepare healthy food and get some exercise.

Where there's a will there’s a way. If you are willing to make some small changes, your health could improve significantly.

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Greg Huggins

Greg has been in the trucking industry since the late 1980s. After spending 25+ years as an owner operator with United Van Lines, he leased to Landstar Express America in 2014. Greg is always trying to learn something new and share what he has learned with others.

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