Valentine's Day


My wife and I have reached to point where we don't think about divorce and losing half our stuff. At this point my wife is willing to wait until I die and take all of it. Forgetting Valentine's Day could hasten that event.

A woman that I worked with came to work on February 15th and was upset. Her husband had forgotten Valentine's Day. She was flabbergasted. She could see how her husband could forget her birthday. An anniversary could somehow be missed. Although either one of those is a bad idea and could lead to losing half of your stuff – or worse. Missing Valentine's Day in her mind was inexcusable. Every where you look there it is – a reminder that it is Valentine's Day. Do something.


Around our house, we have a problem with birds flying into the windows. Roxanne has solved this problem by putting seasonal stickers on the windows. For instance in November we have stickers of turkeys and Thanksgiving related items on the windows. They are replaced by Christmas stickers. The Christmas related stickers are replaced by – you guessed it-Valentine's Day stickers. It is up to me to take the hint.


Our job is hard on our spouses. A trucker's spouse puts up with a lot because of our jobs. It is up to us to make a little effort to make them know that we appreciate them. When I was younger, maybe all that I could afford was a card. I am sure that some of you may be in this position. THEN GET A CARD for crying out loud. If you can afford it make sure your spouse likes flowers – buy flowers. It is easier now than when I started. If you can't get home, go on line. Get something.


It takes a little extra effort on Valentine's Day. Pay attention. Ask your spouse if they want to do something different. Know what kind of flowers they like – or don't like. Where would they like to go eat dinner? Remember what their favorite candy is. Now, since about 93% of truckers are guys. We spend our lives where the other truckers are 93% guys. We develop bad habits from being around our environment. Don't take that home with you. Especially don't take that macho junk home today. Today is not about trucking. Today is not about complaining about our jobs. Today is about her. Get it together- make a plan-now.




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Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark of Kewaunee, WI has been driving a truck for 24 years. He has been an owner operator for 11 years.


Roxanne does not like certain types of flowers. She likes others. I have a local flower shop that I really like. This year Rox got 6 red roses - 6 mixed - and one blue rose- I never knew there was such a thing as a blue rose. It is her favorite color. But - yes to your point pay attention - to what your spouse likes.

February 14, 2015 8:05:27 AM

Jeff I think the key to this is to know your wife... Personally after helping in a flower shop for many years delivering flowers on this day I have some different thoughts probably then most. If Bob wanted to irritate me badly he would give me cut flowers... He knows me though and I will not be receiving flowers today.

February 14, 2015 7:48:40 AM