Getting sick is bad enough, but getting sick miles from home is even worse.  Just last week I found myself in this predicament.  I was a long way from home and developed a severe ear infection.  I get these fairly often so I knew that I would need medication to beat it.  I ended up calling my doctor who knew of my condition and he prescribed an antibiotic.  His nurse asked me to decide which drug store to send it to.  I use CVS, a national chain, and went to their website to find a location nearby.   After I found a few nearby locations, I looked them up on Google Maps to make sure I could get my truck in their parking lot or at least within walking distance.  I found an accessible location and let the nurse know where to send the prescription to.  I picked up the medication and returned to health in few days.

My experience caused me to think of what I'd do if I couldn't get my doctor to send a prescription.  After a little research I found these resources listed below.  Click on them for more information.

  1. Walmart - Many have clinics inside and this link will show you which ones.
  2. CVS - They are a national chain pharmacy with many having clinics inside.
  3. Walgreens - Another national chain pharmacy that has many locations with clinics.
  4. TA/Petro - Some of their locations offer medical services.
  5. Urgent Care Travel Clinics - They are in four truck stops now with plans to add four more.

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Joey Slaughter

Joey Slaughter is the owner of Blue Ridge Transport, LLC. Joey has been in the trucking industry since 1992.

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This is an imrovement.

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Good to know.

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