The hot summer months have arrived and it’s important to stay healthy while on the road. We often think about staying hydrated, but have you ever thought about keeping your skin protected as well? Probably not since as a driver you feel protected while inside your vehicle. Yet even when behind the wheel, you need to think about keeping your skin safe this summer.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are strong enough to cause significant skin damage, simply penetrating through the windshield and side window. Drivers often hang their left arm out of the window while driving, putting that arm at a high risk for sun damage as well.

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology analyzed a federal database of reported skin cancer cases. Researchers found that skin cancers occur more commonly on the left side of the body. Alternatively, USA Today reported on an earlier study that showed more prevalence of right-sided skin cancers in countries where people drive on the opposite side of the road.

Here are three tips to keep your skin safe this summer:

  • Wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect against the harmful rays of the sun. Be especially conscientious of application to the left arm, leg, side of the face, and neck.
  • Wear dark colors and long sleeves to help protect against the sun’s rays.
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat in the truck instead of a baseball cap to protect the neck and face from constant sun ray exposure.

Sun protection and water are important through the summer months. As you reach for your water bottle, remind yourself to also protect your skin and apply sunscreen. Keeping sunscreen in the truck is as easy as keeping your water bottle nearby. Protect your skin while driving and make this a skin-safe summer!

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Bob Perry

Bob Perry is on a mission to educate drivers and share life-changing products and services to help professional drivers while on the road. Recognized as the Trucker Trainer™ by professional drivers nationwide, Bob brings a unique perspective to the transportation industry. As the President of Rolling Strong™, Bob provides the transportation companies and drivers and owner operators with in-terminal and on the road wellness programs.

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