After just one year in the profession, it’s a story too familiar, the combination of poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle starts taking a health toll on professional drivers from increased blood pressure to increased injuries. More drivers and companies are getting engaged in and taking notice of driver health initiatives. With stringent DOT physical exams and less 2 year cards being received, it has become a necessity to raise awareness in the trucking industry.

A recent study has shown a prevalence of obesity to be twice as high with Trucker’s versus other national working populations and cigarette smoking is more than double. In a survey, a low percentage of truck driver’s perceive their health as good, very good, or excellent.

The industry is begging for change and the TCA Wellness Program by Rolling Strong is dedicated to companies and their drivers, to help them change. Rolling Strong CDL Wellness Coaches empower drivers to take control of their health by teaching them simple steps and easy changes they can make in their daily choices that positively impact their health.

The Coaches are so proud of each achievement they help these drivers make, dedicating a web page, HERE, that showcases their achievements. This recognition is not only rewarding to the driver but also serves as motivation to other drivers with a message “if they can do it, so can I” to help encourage them to gain a new way of thinking.

“My job is very meaningful, the driver testimonials validate we are making a difference!” say’s CDL Wellness Coach Lorrie Beshirs. “Coaching a professional driver requires a different approach than in house employees of other professions. We are trained to understand the industry to better relate to the driver, empower and teach them small realistic lifestyle changes they can make while on the road to improve their health” she says.

Lorrie shares a motivational success story below.

Tim has been a professional driver for ten years and a Covenant Transport driver the last 7 years.

Tim noticed a remarkable climb in his weight over the years as a driver, southern comfort foods and convenient truck stop foods became the daily meals of choice and exercise was non existent. He started noticing health issues due to this weight gain and required orthotics due to the weight crushing his feet.

Realizing he could not continue this way, he was ready to make some changes. He started out learning portion control and cutting out unnecessary calories such as soda completely. As his food choices began to improve, he also took the next step of incorporating exercise into his daily routine. Anytime the truck stopped moving he started moving, even if for just ten minutes. He used the Rolling Strong Fit System (in cab band system) to conveniently get resistance exercise right in his truck.

As a result, Tim has lost an incredible 100 pounds and attributes his success to participating in the Rolling Strong Program, regularly visiting the coach for nutritional help, getting bio screenings, telephonic coaching, and the driver rewards program. He has kept his weight off and continues to help educate student drivers on healthy living while out on the road.

Tim could have easily let his profession be in control of his health but instead, made a choice to change his mindset and take control.. a new way of thinking.

This story was originally shared on Rolling Strong.

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Bob Perry

Bob Perry is on a mission to educate drivers and share life-changing products and services to help professional drivers while on the road. Recognized as the Trucker Trainer™ by professional drivers nationwide, Bob brings a unique perspective to the transportation industry. As the President of Rolling Strong™, Bob provides the transportation companies and drivers and owner operators with in-terminal and on the road wellness programs.

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