Thanks to an article I first read on another site, I found about a new law that will allow Veterans Administration medical professionals to perform DOT physicals.  I'm directly affected by this as I obtain all my medical care from the VA.  Every two years however, I've had to go outside of my health care network and visit doctors who knew nothing about me to perform a DOT physical.  And I had to pay for these physicals out of pocket (which many people do), but now I won't have to anymore.

I am glad to see some of the excess regulation rolled back to make my life a tad bit easier.  It's not much, but it's a start.  The details of the bill can be found here.  It's called the "Jobs for our Heroes Act."  In addition to allowing VA medical professionals to perform physicals, the law also allows exemptions for CDL skills tests and some knowledge tests for veterans with military truck driving experience.

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