One of the things that most entrepreneurs struggle with is taking time off as necessary to recharge and simply keep from burning out. All of this creates a conundrum as most entrepreneurs are very motivated.  The problem with having a successful business usually requires a lot of long hard hours at work combined with the knowledge of knowing how much it costs in lost profits to take time off.  Typically, entrepreneurs feel when they are not at work they are falling behind.

What I found worked the best for my peace of mind was to communicate with my key customers and coordinate my time off with their schedule.  Areas to look for were shut down due to inventory or plant shutdown, holidays, or natural off season for their particular product. In addition to this if any additional maintenance that needed to be done to my truck or trailers I would schedule to have done while I was off recharging my own batteries.

Was I always successful with these practices? “No” I always struggled to feel as if I was not financially falling behind.  Using the method, I described above is what worked for me when I convinced myself to take guilt free time off. 

With this said “I am going to end the blog and take some time for myself”.

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Henry Albert

Henry Albert is the owner of Albert Transport, Inc., based in Statesville, NC. Before participating in the "Slice of Life" program, Albert drove a 2001 Freightliner Century Class S/Tâ„¢, and will use his Cascadia for general freight and a dry van trailer. Albert, who has been a trucker since 1983, was recognized by Overdrive as its 2007 Trucker of the Year.

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