I’ve never been accused of not having enough to say, but here I sit, looking out the windshield of my Cascadia, trying to think of something to write that has nothing to do with the pandemic. As I sit here observing the truck stop life, some random thoughts have popped into my head. Here are some of them.

  • Some truck stops need to take better care of their property: I sit here watching trash blow around, trucks dodging pot-holes, and trash cans overflowing. I know it takes time and money, but it is worth the investment. 

  • Some professional drivers need to take better care of their property:  I am not talking about the appearance of the truck in particular, but I have seen plenty of tractors running around with trash piled high on their dash, and even one with garbage all the way up to the passenger side window. These things just scream out for a DOT officer to pull you over and inspect you.

  • Almost everybody slows down and drives differently when a police officer is around. 

  • Sunlight hitting the GPS or phone mounted in your windshield can get them pretty hot and cause premature battery failure (I learned this a long time ago).

  • Having a small fan pulling air out of an open window and in from a different open window can cause a nice pleasant breeze that reduces the need to idle. 

  • Diesel powered APU’s, if not tuned and maintained properly, pump out some awful fumes for people sitting next to them, with fans in their windows pulling “FRESH’ air in.

  • Birds really like to eat bugs off of truck grills.

  • How did birds figure out the grill/bug relationship?

  • Wiping down the inside of a truck is tedious, but necessary.

  • It is always a good idea to make sure there is toilet paper in the stall before using.

  • The grass behind the last row of a truck stop should be called a “hazardous material zone.” 

  • If there are no lines painted in the parking lot, some drivers can get really creative.

  • Built in refrigerators need slightly bigger freezers.

  • It is strange not seeing airplanes in the sky.

  • Loose change can hide in strange places.

  • Gorilla Glue lids are hard to remove after the first use.

  • A fly stuck in your truck is one of the most annoying things in the world.

  • I am thankful it is fly instead of a Murder Hornet.

  • Burn Notice is still one of my favorite shows.

  • The guy on the CB without a certain piece of underwear on, is everywhere. 

  • I wonder if he is using it for a mask.

  • Flip-flops look uncomfortable to walk in, and difficult to keep on your feet.

  • Sweatpants and pajama pants must make flip-flops more comfortable, because they always seem to go together.

  • When writing articles and updating spreadsheets, having spare batteries for your mouse is a good idea.

  • Batteries at truck stops are expensive.

  • When sitting alone at a mostly empty truck stop, the only reefer in the state will park next to you.

  • I love the driver’s lounge in my Cascadia. Fifteen seconds to set up, fifteen seconds to take down.

  • My Freightliner Team Run Smart hat is really getting faded.

  • I have way too many pens.

  • You can tell the drivers trying to get around their ELD by how slow they are creeping.  

  • PB&J will always be my favorite sandwich.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are staying healthy and happy.

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Clark W Reed

Clark Reed of Roscoe, Illinois is an OTR company driver and trainer for Nussbaum Transportation based out of Hudson, Illinois. He has been driving since 2005 and has driven van, reefer, and tanker. He currently hauls dry van to all lower 48 states. Clark is passionate about MPGs and how driver habits influence them. The lifetime average of his 2018 Cascadia is 9.75 mpg, with eyes on 10. Clark, along with Henry Albert, was one of the seven drivers in 2017's "Run on Less" by NACFE, a road show, demonstrating what fuel efficiency can be obtained with existing technologies.

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