Humans are creatures of habit. While many are resistant to change, there are those who adapt very well to it.

I must admit, for years, when it came to my equipment, Freightliner was the only choice for me. From way back in the 1990s when I bought my first Freightliner, it was a great truck and it served me well. I did venture to buy a different brand...once, and it was a complete disaster. I then went back to Freightliner trucks for future purchases and did not even consider other trucks.

However, last year as I began researching for my new truck to replace my 2015 Cascadia, I took a serious look at Western Star. I had never really considered, or even looked into what Western Star had to offer. After some exhaustive research and comparisons to my Freightliner, I found Western Star to be a great choice. 

While my Cascadia was a great truck, it was time to upgrade and get a new one. The Western Star 5700XE Aero was to become my new truck. As a long-time Freightliner guy, it was a tough first. They both share many components, as both are Daimler products. I still get the Detroit DD13 engine with the DT12 AMT transmission in the Western Star just as I had in my Cascadia. I can still get my truck serviced at Freightliner/ Western Star dealerships. Parts are readily available. 

One big difference is in the styling (obviously). The cab of the Western Star 5700XE definitely does not look like many of the other tracks on the road. I will admit, during my research, I was concerned about losing the great MPGs that I was getting from my Cascadia. This was a big concern. The smooth, rounded edges of the 2015 Cascadia are nothing like the sleek edges of the 5700XE.

Well, I now have about 25,000 miles on my new Western Star and my concerns over mileage have been alleviated. The aerodynamics of this truck are superb. I am by no means a speeder, but I do run at or near the posted speed limit most of the time. Unlike those who need to drive slow to get great MPGs, if properly spec’d for your application, the Western Star is a great choice for fuel economy, power, comfort, and stylish looks. And since it is still a Daimler product, it will see many years of dependable service on the road. Change is good.

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Greg Huggins

Greg has been in the trucking industry since the late 1980s. After spending 25+ years as an owner operator with United Van Lines, he leased to Landstar Express America in 2014. Greg is always trying to learn something new and share what he has learned with others.

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