Just because disc brakes are claimed to be " maintenance free " doesn't mean they are 100% maintenance free. Check out this short video for a visual inspection tour of disc brakes on the truck and with the wheels on, just as you would have to inspect them.





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I've thought about that myself. I haven't done enough research to know how disc brakes perform in mostly off road applications. It's amazing how filthy my truck gets in such a short amount of time. It would be nice to test it out!

July 12, 2016 17:39:40 PM

Thank You Craig.... I wonder in your operation how the brakes would perform

July 02, 2016 6:58:15 AM

Excellent video Bob. It's going to take a major upgrade for me to see disc brakes, but maybe some day.

July 01, 2016 8:37:34 AM

Like the 3 P's Les!

July 01, 2016 3:50:40 AM

Laurie Thanks for commenting and we agree with you. Our disc brakes are great.

July 01, 2016 3:50:13 AM

Stephen on the next truck you will have disc brakes!

July 01, 2016 3:49:24 AM

Great info!! Thanks Bob. I love the stopping power disc brakes have

June 30, 2016 18:52:44 PM

Great Video Tutorial Bob. Everyone thinks Brakes are like a Ronco Rotisserie Grill. Not so-- You can not just "Set it and Forget It". Inspect those Brakes for wear and damage. I call it the 3 P's--- Proper Pretrip Please!!!

June 30, 2016 11:57:24 AM

Great work Bob! Now if we only had disc brakes on our truck! wink wink

June 30, 2016 8:53:52 AM