If you haven't noticed already, the enclosed auto carriers aren't begging for drivers in trucking magazine advertisements and truck show booths.  From what I understand, they have stacks and stacks of job applications sitting at the ready at their corporate headquarters.  There's not a lot of turnover in this niche sector.  The work is hard and the money is great!  Also the liability is extremely high and only a few people with a valuable skill set can transport enclosed autos.

The largest of the enclosed auto carriers are Reliable Carriers, Horseless Carriage Carriers and Pilot Transport. The type of work they normally do consists of:

  • Auto auction transport
  • Vintage race car transport
  • Auto show transport
  • Exotic car transport
  • Antique car transport
  • Classic car transport
  • Research and Development Vehicles
  • Cold & Warm Weather Test Shipments
  • Commercial/Photo/TV shoots
  • Vehicle transport for movie production
  • New Vehicle Distribution
  • National Tours
  • Media Events
  • Hot Rod Events and Tours

As a former open deck auto hauler myself, I know this was the most difficult work I've done in my trucking career. However, working with enclosed trailers is even more difficult. Firstly, the inside of those trailers are very hot in the summer with no breeze blowing through.  Even though, the cars are enclosed, they have to be secured against any movement and without damage. The cars that these carriers transport are very valuable and in most cases - irreplaceable!

Furthermore, the customers of this type of transport are very eccentric and demanding. This isn't freight hauling so much more attention is required. It's very high profile work. These trucks are seen at the famous Mecum Auto Auctions and Barrett-Jackson Auction. They are sometimes on the cover of Car and Driver.

If you're interested in working with one of these companies as a company driver or owner-operator, it's best that you have some carhauling experience already. Also, household movers are a natural fit with this type of work. They are used to the extreme care needed in transporting someones' personal belongings.


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Joey Slaughter

Joey Slaughter is the owner of Blue Ridge Transport, LLC. Joey has been in the trucking industry since 1992.

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