When we bought our Cascadia it was equipped with halogen headlamps. The light, as equipped, is bright and the beam well aimed.  Along comes Truck-lite, with, what I believe, is the greatest thing to come to the trucking industry since air ride.  LED headlamps are a great improvement over the last great improvement, halogen bulbs.
Brighter, whiter, aiming is near perfect and the power consumption is at a minimum. Who could ask for anything more? For the Cascadia, Truck-lite has created a replacement for the OEM headlamp assembly, or it can be ordered as a factory installed option. About 30 minutes, four nuts and three wiring connector on each side and the change is done.

Why would you want to change an assembly that has no problems? Look at the trucks coming at you and those behind you. How many have headlamps out? I did a small study on this subject, not real scientific, but it makes a point. During my driving shift, 3:00 pm to 3:00 am, I counted 482 trucks. Of those 482, 61 had a headlamp out. If I were driving one of these trucks I would be pulling over to replace it. What if the other one failed? I don’t want to take that chance. The way FMCSA is counting CSA points; one can’t afford to get any. LED headlamps will almost guarantee no points for a headlamp violation.

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I love the look of these and can't wait until next week when I can see them in real-time on my own Evolution in action. Everyone who has seen the truck this week has been asking about them and been very interested in my using them. I have heard great things and really can't wait for this extra visibility in those wee-hours I like to start at every morning. Thank you to Truck-Lite for another great product to improve our safety!

March 28, 2013 21:43:30 PM

Thanks Aryn we are really enjoying these lights. As you know we are team drivers and we spend a lot of time driving at night and these lights sure make a difference.

March 28, 2013 14:50:47 PM

Bob/Linda, I glad to see that you like the Truck-Lite Custom LED Headlights. The difference is truely amazing. To see the difference yourself check out the video on the LED headlights on our website at www.truck-lite.com.

March 28, 2013 12:53:16 PM