I hope all of you had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Usually, when I discuss aerodynamics, the subject is based on my fuel economy. It’s important to note that there are other benefits to having an aerodynamic truck and trailer. Safety is an important factor as well. First, during windy conditions, the more slippery the truck and trailer is to the air, the more difficult for the wind to affect your stability. Next, if the road is wet, my rain spray is dramatically reduced when compared to a traditional tractor trailer. Everything from the aerodynamic profile of the Cascadia, the side skirts on the tractor and trailer, the Nose Cone, wheel covers, trailer cross member protectors, flow through mud flaps and the rear vortex reducer all work together to channel the air smoothly from the top, bottom and sides of the unit. This makes it much easier to see cars and other vehicles in a rain storm. In the winter months, another benefit has been a market reduction of snow build up particularly under the trailer and above my trailer tandems. I’ve found it easy to maintain the cleanliness of the truck and trailer due to less nooks and crannies. This helps add to the trucks clean image for shippers, consignees and the general public. Below, I’ll post a few links for your review. Till next time, be safe…

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Henry Albert

Henry Albert is the owner of Albert Transport, Inc., based in Statesville, NC. Before participating in the "Slice of Life" program, Albert drove a 2001 Freightliner Century Class S/T™, and will use his Cascadia for general freight and a dry van trailer. Albert, who has been a trucker since 1983, was recognized by Overdrive as its 2007 Trucker of the Year.

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Thanks for giving away your secrets! LOL

September 09, 2012 15:34:39 PM

Thank you for the additional information regarding aerodynamics. I will pass on the additional benefits when discussing fuel economy.

August 06, 2012 11:48:35 AM

Henry great job slipping through the air...

August 02, 2012 12:47:37 PM