Truck breakdowns are a very stressful event, especially if you find yourself broken down on a dangerous section of interstate or a busy city intersection.  The last thing you need while your stress levels are maxed is a complicated way to find help.  If you have a smart phone with the Find Truck Service app loaded, you will be prepared for almost anything no matter where you find yourself needing help in the country.

The problem with a lot of trucking apps today are that they are trying to be everything to everyone.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t work too well and the result is often mediocracy at best.  That’s not the case for Find Truck Service. They concentrate on one thing and you might have guessed what that is with their name.  It’s simple, direct and gets straight to the point of their mission in helping drivers- to find truck service as quickly and conveniently as possible. 

Trucking company management can easily navigate the website version of to locate nearby vendors no matter where your trucks operate in the 49 states.  Yes, I said 49 states because there are service listings for Alaska too. Besides their website,, the company has a free app both for Android and Apple products.  The app is what I personally use when I need service on the road.
These are the services that can be searched for on this app.

  1. Mobile Truck Repair
  2. Mobile Trailer Repair
  3. Mobile Tire Repair
  4. Mobile Reefer Repair
  5. Truck  Repair Shops
  6. Trailer Repair Shops
  7. Tire Shops
  8. Reefer Repair Shops
  9. Towing Service
  10. National Tire Networks
  11. Truck Stops with listings on service, parking, showers, scales and fuel prices
  12. Truck Dealer
  13. Trailer Dealer
  14. Reefer Dealer
  15. Locksmiths
  16. Pallet Exchanges

Here are some of the qualities that I really like about this app.

  • Large fonts; easy to ready on phone
  • Has a GPS search so the app will find nearby service without me having to type in location
  • The phone numbers are programmed in so there’s no dialing, just tap the call button
  • Accurate truck stop information to include location, fuel prices and amenities
  • VERY FAST! - I needed mobile tire repair and found a vendor nearby in about 2 minutes

I think this product is especially valuable to owner-operators like myself.  We aren’t backed with the national networks and name recognition as the big carriers, but this product, specifically the Find Truck Service app, leverages technology in our favor so that we have access to the same information that the fleet managers have in their corporate offices.

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Joey Slaughter

Joey Slaughter is the owner of Blue Ridge Transport, LLC. Joey has been in the trucking industry since 1992.

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