As fall and winter approaches, I wanted to write about a product that costs very little money, yet provides a lot of value.  Rain-X became well known with its glass water repellent.  Since then, the company has added all kinds of other products to its lineup, to include wipers and waxes.  I am writing of the value that I see in their line of glass water repellent. 

The product sprays on like ordinary glass cleaner.  You simply clean your windshield, then apply Rain-X with a soft cloth and rub it in a circular pattern until it dries.  Apply a second coat the same way.  It will probably dry with a haze so then you will need to add a sprinkle of water or wipe the haze away with a paper towel.

According to their website, a test conducted by a major university determined that better visibility improved driving response time up to a full second or more. At highway speeds, that’s almost four car lengths of extra stopping distance.  Rain-X definitely contributes to better visibility as the rain simply rolls off your windshield.  Wiper use is greatly reduced by this and therefore this product extends the life of windshield wipers.

I also apply Rain-X to my LED headlight lens covers.  In winter, this can help by keeping snow from covering up your lights.  The reduced heat signature of LEDs doesn’t melt snow away like the incandescent bulbs do.

Since we now know that better visibility reduces risk and lowers your chance of being in a crash, it truly makes sense to use Rain-X on our windshields.  For the small amount of money it costs, it’s a true investment in our safety and the safety of motorists around us. 

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Joey Slaughter

Joey Slaughter is the owner of Blue Ridge Transport, LLC. Joey has been in the trucking industry since 1992.

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