In this video I will show you the easiest way, that I have found, to replace your expired IFTA decals. On the back of the new decals the instructions read to the affect that only one valid decal should be displayed on each side of the trucks cab. The location of the decal is spelled out in the IFTA Carrier Compliance Manual.

A few tools are needed, a razor blade or a plastic scraper, a heat gun, something to dissolve the adhesive left after the old decal is removed that won’t harm paint (I use brakeleen), and a rag. It’s a simple process, however, extreme caution should be taken while using the heat gun. The heat gun creates a lot of heat quickly and the heat can burn the paint or you even after the gun is turned off. Be gentle with the heat you just want to warm the decal not melt it.

Warm the decal, scrape it off, clean off the adhesive residue and apply new decal, one on each side. Ready to roll, all up to date and legal, be safe out there.


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Fundamental Flaws

September 21, 2017