Starting out the morning with Breakfast fresh off the griddle.

Recently I had a chance to make breakfast for myself and fellow Team Run Smart Pro’s, Bob &
Linda Caffee. The Caffee’s along with many others have asked me how much of a hassle it is to
get out my camp stove and cook ware to prepare a meal. In addition to this they had never had
Pancake Corn Fritters.

I began the morning by getting out my Coleman 2 burner Camp Stove, placing my Lodge Cast
Iron Griddle onto the burner, lighting the burners to allow the cooling surface to pre heat.
While the cast iron was heating I mixed up the Pancake Corn Fritter Batter.

In no time I had the meal cooked, served, and we were ready to clean up. Bob and Linda were
surprised at how easily I set up the Cascadia Café on the deck plate of my truck, though I prefer
a picnic area, and the ease of which I was able to clean up afterwards.

From the reactions of Bob and Linda I am sure that Linda will be preparing Pancake Corn
Fritters in the future.

Pancake Corn Fritters

Pancake Mix – prepare as directed on box
Can of Cream Style Corn or regular corn with juice

You might need to add more pancake mix to a normal consistency of pancake.

Serve with butter and syrup


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April 25, 2024