We want to say thank you to Bob and Linda Caffee for all that they've done for Team Run Smart and the entire trucking industry, so far. We wish them the very best on the road ahead!

Jimmy Nevarez

I was honored to be able to know Bob and Linda over the past years being Freightliner Team Run Smart Pros together, since the very beginning of Team Run Smart itself.  All the time spent at truck shows and traveling together allowed them to be the type of friends that become family!  It’s hard to imagine that the next time we get to do a truck show and raise the Team Run Smart banner, that they won’t be back behind the booth counter with me.  “Partners in crime” for many years now and always willing to lend a helping hand, they will always be considered Pros in my book, in every sense of the word!  I personally would like to wish them the best in all the future has in store and will always be there to lend a hand if it is needed! Prost to Team Caffee and to the many memories that will never be forgotten!

Henry Albert

When you think of Team Caffee the word team is the paramount word. Bob and Linda have done nothing but be the picture of how to do trucking right. This awesome trucking couple is always ready to help anyone who is aiming to enter the trucking industry or just improve their position within the industry. Bob was a diesel technician for decades before he and his wife of many years set out to enter trucking as owner-operators in their empty nest years. Bob is a great person to know when you find yourself in a mechanical bind and Linda is the wizard of bookkeeping. The greatest quality of this couple I am proud to call friends is their willingness to help others. I want to wish Bob and Linda continued success as they leave us here at Team Run Smart in order to focus on other opportunities. But we all know it’s never goodbye when it comes to good friends as I am sure we will be hearing from Bob and Linda in the future.

Clark Reed

I first met Bob and Linda personally at the Truckers Jamboree in Walcott, Iowa after following them for several years on social media. They are the same people in person as they are online. I just wanted to thank Bob and Linda for welcoming me as one of the Team Run Smart Pros and being such good mentors to me. They are the perfect example of true professionals on the road and I am thankful and honored to be associated with them. Good luck on your next chapter!


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