If you asked if this was in my wildest dreams as an owner-operator/small-fleet operator when I started down this road years ago, I would have easily told you that is wasn't even dreamt of.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I was approached to have this new system installed and even more so when I was told I could have a say in the entire design process to develop the custom graphics that would represent Team Run Smart and my own company together.  

When I saw the rough designs coming to life through the design email chain, I could not believe what was coming to life for my regular working truck and trailer combo.  I was even more shocked watching the installation process and the work that goes into making something like this happen.  

In the end I was most impressed with the sheer scale and larger-than-life presence my truck and trailer now will exude while driving down the highway.  A lot of time and planning went into this venture and I could not be more grateful to the crew at EPIC Worldwide, Las Vegas, NV for their steadfast commitment to quality in their installation, even in the unwavering 100+ degree Nevada desert heat those days!  

I hope you enjoy this little video that I was able to put together of the amazing process that took me from a plain canvas to a real-life rolling work of art!  Prost!


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