In this video, I discuss expanding the tool collection to some more common tools that aren’t absolutely must have. These tools will help you get a job done a bit faster but are tools that one could live without, for a while. I believe that once you start doing some basic repairs you may even enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

A socket set can save time, even a small set. If nothing else, I think a ⅜” drive socket set in SAE (measured in fractions of an inch) and Metric (measured in millimeters), deep and shallow sockets would be minimal. When speaking of socket sets they are referred to by the drive size, the square on the handle (ratchet) that the socket snaps onto. In the U.S. the square drive is measured in fractions of an inch, ¼”, ⅜” and ½” are the most common in small sets.

When one gets into larger socket sets they can be ¾” or even 1” drive. I have a set of 1” drive sockets for removing the wheels from the truck, I only use them at the house where I have air tools, jacks and safety stands, not practical in the truck.

Other tools you may want to consider needle nose pliers, files, Torx drivers, a large flat blade screwdriver and maybe an oil filter wrench if you want to service your APU or if you have any other spin on filters. I did forget to mention in the first video about a high-quality tire pressure gauge, this is a must-have tool, even if it is the only tool you own, buy a good one and take care of it.

Be safe out there! 


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