Recently, while at home, I was looking thru my toolbox to see what I could leave home for winter and what I needed to carry just for winter. My toolbox is not the normal box one would see for carrying tools; I prefer to use smaller pencil boxes. I keep these pencil boxes in a larger plastic container that they fit into well; that also fits in the space I have allotted for these tools. Not only tools but other items I feel I need to carry with us while on the road. Extra coolant for the truck and the generator (they don’t use the same coolant), extra windshield washer fluid, all the different aerosol products I use and anti-gel for deep cold if absolutely necessary.

Some of the tools I carry I may have only used once but like the Boy Scout, I’m prepared for IF I need it. You can watch the video and decide what you think of my storage solution. It works well for me, keeps the tools and supplies I need close at hand and easy to access. The pencil boxes are around $1.00 each and the larger containers less than $5.00. They fit my space and hold what I need them to. You would be hard-pressed to find a toolbox that would fit the space and hold the stuff, in an easy to access order, for the same or less money.

Let us know what you do for tool and accessory storage. I may find you have a better solution that I could change to, I’m always looking for a better/easier way to do things.


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