Clean air is important for the cab just as much as the engine. Replacing the cab filter is simple with only a #30 torx bit, also known as a star bit and driver. If the cab didn't have a filter the heater core and the A/C evaporator could become clogged with lint, dirt and other airborne debris, like they did years ago. That's why we need to change the filter, to keep us comfortable.

On the classic Cascadia, the cab air filter is under the hood, just below the right-hand windshield, to the far right. The new Cascadia is also under the hood but you can change the filter from the ground and no tools are needed. K&N Filters has just released a cabin air filter for the Cascadia, part # VF8000, that is cleanable rather than disposable, saving landfill space. The new K&N filter will fit both classic and new Cascadia’s, even though they are in different locations. The filter comes ready to install and once you feel the need to clean it, they have a cleaning and refresher kit, follow directions on the box to refresh your cabin air filter. Your local Freightliner dealer will have the factory filter if you want, the choice is yours, the replacement process is the same for both.

For the classic Cascadia. Using a step ladder or standing on the right steer tire, as safely as you can, locate the filter cover, it's marked "cabin air filter". It's along the front of the cab in a large black trough. On each end of the cover is a small bolt and washer, this is where you will use the #30 torx bit. Using the torx bit, remove the bolts (righty tightly, lefty loosey).

Set aside the filter cover and locate the filter tray, it's down inside the housing. Take hold of the handle and pull up and toward the front of the truck gently, it will not come all the way out. You will see the old filter there, note the "airflow " direction arrow printed on the end of the filter. Remove old filter and, noting the airflow direction arrow, install the new filter.

Gently slide the filter tray back in, install the filter cover and the two bolts with washers. Lightly snug the bolts and you can gather your tools and step down, the job is done.

For the New Cascadia. Open the hood, from the right side of the truck, lean over the steer tire looking towards the cab, you will see the air box for the HVAC. Nearer the engine, you will see the “door” for the cabin air filter. The door will slide down, it is hard to move because it has detents so it won’t come off unintentionally. The door will slide about an inch, then it will be loose, set it aside. The filter will slide out easily, dispose of properly. Install new filter noting airflow arrows. Reinstall door making sure to get it fully snapped in place, finished in about five minutes.

Close and latch the hood and you are ready to go trucking with clean fresh air coming into the HVAC system just for you.


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