FMVSS 393.78(a)(S4.2.2) requires your windshield washer to work. I agree with that and in able for it to work there must be fluid in the reservoir. In order to check the fluid level the hood must be open. From the right (passenger) side look towards the firewall, directly behind the right front tire, under the cab beside the heater/ac unit (big black object on front of cab under hood) and the hood rest.

From there you will see a black screw on lid that has the universal icon for windshield washer, looks like the sweep of a wiper with a squirt of fluid up the center. It also says Washer Fluid Only on the cap. The reservoir is opaque and you should be able to see fluid thru the body of the filler neck that the cap screws onto. There are many different colors of washer fluid so that is not important, as long as you can see fluid in the reservoir.

Should you not see fluid, that doesn’t mean you are out, it just means you should refill as soon as convenient. I haven’t found in the owner’s manual the capacity of the tank but I think it’s about 1.5-2 gallons so there is a lot to use in there. I like to keep it full with a mix of winter and bug removal fluids. If the DOT inspector can’t see the fluid they may question you about the level or if you have extra that you could refill the tank with. I have always carried an extra gallon just for that reason.

The lid will turn off to the left, pour in the new fluid, replace the lid turning it to the right. Close the hood and you will be ready to deice or clean your windshield at will. Be safe.


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