A product I have been using for years centers the wheel to the wheel studs rather than depending on the hub to center the wheel.  I believe this is a great idea and there is a product that does just that, but only that. The cost was worth it to me until I found lug nuts that do the same thing for a lot less money.  Going from two pieces (centering sleeve and lug nut) to one piece (lugnut only) means fewer pieces to lose during a tire service event.  In both cases there are only three sleeves/sleeved nuts for each wheel end too do the job. 

There are several options for the sleeves from tru-bal.com. There are a few options for the sleeved nuts as well depending on what wheel combination you are running.  I got a good online price from vanhorntrucks.com

Both solutions work, I chose to change from sleeves to sleeved nuts for the reasons above. I will be using the nuts only on any trucks I own from now on, $100.00 per axle vs $50.00 per axle and fewer parts to deal with.  Do your research and do whats best for you. 

I did a previous blog on why it is important to torque 



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